Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Accessing and Viewing Financial Reports

In the advanced version of Valuation Tutor, we have added quite a bit of capability to directly view and plot variables in a companies financial report.  For example, consider the following:

I am viewing the income statement in IBM’s 2011 10-K.  I can select what fields to plot.  Here, I am plotting total revenue, total expenses, net income before taxes, and net income.   The raw data is plotted, in this case for the three years reported in the statement.   The list of filings we cover is in the dropdown net to “Select Stock.”  You can search by ticker or by company name.  Our filing database includes interactive filings of major US companies, and you can look at 10-K’s, 10-Q’s, as well as 20-F’s.

These charts provide a quick way to visually look at a company over time.  For example, from IBM’s balance sheet, I can look at total assets and total liabilities over the two years reported, and stockholders equity:

You may have noticed the “Data Collector” tab above the chart. This lets you collect
the numerical data and then copy paste it for further analysis, and also has a unique charting capability.  To collect data, simply double click on a row, and that row will be transferred to the Data Collector.  Here, I have collected data on components of IBM’s revenue for the three years:

Now, check Pie Chart at the top above the data to get:

This tells you at a glance that the three components that make up IBM’s revenue have stayed very stable over the three years, that majority of the revenue comes from services, and financing is a relatively small contributor.  


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