Valuation Tutor is a visual and interactive presentation of financial statement analysis and valuation.  Learning with Valuation Tutor comes from accessing, analyzing, visualizing, and comparing companies using their financial statements and other relevant economic and financial data.

Conceptually, we divide the subject matter into three parts. The first is “Understanding Financial Statements.” Here, you learn what to look for: where what information is presented, what is in each financial statement, and so on. In the second step, we look more deeply at a company and compare it to others. Given its strategy, how effectively is it implementing it? How does it compare to others (its competitors, those in the same industry, and so on)? The third part is “Valuation.” There are different techniques used by analysts to come up with a value for a stock. We describe several different models and show you their practical implementation.

We have created a series of lessons to help you get the most out of Valuation Tutor. They are grouped into the three parts:

  • Understanding Financial Statements

  • Financial Statement Analysis
4.     Risk Analysis
6.     Efficiency and Strategy
7.     Fundamental Analysis of a Company

  • Valuation
1.     Understanding Discount Rates
2.     The Dividend Model

We welcome comments and suggestions. The online textbook is free and if there are topics you would like to see covered or have suggested enhancements to the software, please let us know. You can submit these comments at the Valuation Tutor blog site.  The blog posts also introduce you to features of the software as well as applications of Valuation Tutor.
John O'Brien PhD (University of Minnesota) and Sanjay Srivastava PhD (MIT)


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